In this last post, I would like just to say THANK YOU to:

Alessandra – because of her help for the translations. And because, although we are living about 15K km distance, she is still my best friend.

Cri – he helped me to understand a lot of things about Australia. It was really a pleasure to meet him.

Stazeey – for our long conversation about photography during the night in Walpole. Sometimes you can find friend in the most unthinkable location!!!

Ivan – for his friendship, our dinner and his aphorism: “I’m exercising my existence”

Tim – a special guy that I’ve met in Melbourne. He helped me when I was in panic for my lost flight! He had been putting up with my English for two days!!!

Sbabuz – his kindness. He has introduced me to the city and the time spent together was amazing!!!

Daisuke – he was my first step into the Japanese culture. He helped me to plan my days outside Tokyo.. Thanks to him those 3 days had been amazing!!! My first Jap friend!

Kiyo – he is the most kindly guy that I met during my trip in Jap. Thanks for all the experiences lived in your small but absolutely comfortable GuestHouse!

Anthony – another crazy guy that I met in the GuestHouse in Kamakura. He explained me a lot of stuff about the Jap culture, we’ve drunk together and for the first time, I had spoken Italian with someone in Japan!!!!

Nao – the most beautiful girl that I met during my trip.

Davide – the first friendly face met after about 1 month!!! We spent 4 days together in London: he is amazing!!!!

Carlo – because we could meet once every ten years, but our friendship is always the same!!!

Fabio – thanks for his words during this month. He’s one of my best friend here in Italy.

Barny – thanks for every days that we spent together in the last 5 years!

Eleo – because she joined me in London, we spent 3 amazing days together. I had the chance to plan this trip, thanks to you too.

My family: Nick, Marco, mamma e papa – ’cause you still love me although I’m crazy!!! I felt at home every time that I have spoken with you!

All the people that have followed me during this month. You’ve given me the strength to go on with this blog!!!

See you soon, for the next one trip!!!

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